The Menlo/South Bay Associates group meets at Oakwood, the West Coast retirement community that is the home of about 52 RSCJs; Oakwood is on the campus of two RSCJ schools that serve almost 1,200 students with 160 teachers.  In addition, there are another 15 RSCJs living in the surrounding communities, so we are encircled by Sacred Heart family members. 
At present we are a group of 14 Associates, accompanied by three RSCJs. Many of our Associates teach in one of the schools, and a few of the Oakwood RSCJs volunteer there as well.
Our group has been studying and praying around the General Chapter document, and its invitation to explore the three images—the Society as a body moved from its center by love; the Society as bread; and the Society as a family that decides to set sail in search of a new life, a new land.  We also are starting to look at some of the questions posed in the Study Guide to accompany the CARA (Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate) Special Report, commissioned by NACAR (the North American Conference for Associates and Religious):  For example, what is our Call to Action regarding future issues (aging communities, geographic isolation, leadership, attracting new members, diversity, carrying the charism, etc.)?

Once a year, on a Saturday near the feast of St. Philippine, we have a retreat with the San Francisco Associates at which we renew our commitment.